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Dr Wu Glutalight Whitening Series Information Page

Dr Wu Glutalight Whitening Series

Boost Radiance in 7 days.Tackling Dullness and Uneven Skin Tones

  • Revolutionary Whitening Skincare Formula ''Glutalight™"

    1. Featuring the primary and star antioxidant in whitening injection, Glutathione, as its main ingredient.

2. Combines with AA2G to fight against dark pigment at the source.

3. This unique formula also contains vitamin B3, B5, B6, Silybum Marianum extract and Hyalo-Oligo® for both whitening and  hydrating effect.

  • In a test study, Glutalight™ has been proved to brighten skin tone in just 7 days and reduce melanin by 23% in just 28 days, giving you a healthy glow from within.

  • A mild formula that can be applied day and night even for sensitive skin.

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(Dr Wu Whitening Series - Kevin)

Recommended Steps of Usage for Optimal Effect

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