Mandelik Limited Edition Intensive Renewal Serum

Mandelik Limited Edition Intensive Renewal Serum

DR.WU's bestselling Mandelic Acid serum just got a whole new look with a limited edition red bottle!

Backed by more than 45 years of clinical experience and over 200,000 case studies, Dr. Ying-Chun Wu, a renowned dermatologist in Asia, has developed the optimal "18% mandelic acid solution" specifically for oily skin, combination skin, and people with intensive renewal needs.

DR.WU maintains product pH at 3.5-3.8, a range that achieves visible renewal results while being mild to the skin and also addresses the 8 common skin conditions including: "widened pores × blackheads/whiteheads × pimples x thickened stratum corneum x acne scars x excess sebum x uneven tone x dullness".

Clinical results*
27% Reduce blackheads in 7 days
22% Minimises pores in 7 days
6.9% Eliminate acne in 1 day

* Performance test by Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science: 1-day/7-day/28-day results of 10 test subjects who used Mandelic Intensive Renewal Serum 18% three times a week

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AgeVersal Multi-Peptides Youth Serum

AgeVersal Multi-Peptides Youth Serum

DR.WU launched the new AgeVersal Multi-Peptides Youth Serum in early 2022, adding to the existing skincare range specifically developed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
Clinical results: Boosts young radiance in 7 days.
Refined texture -8% in 1 day
Reduced wrinkles -45% in 7 days
Improved Firmness 100% in 4 weeks.
    "For a younger-looking appearance in 7 days."
    Multi-Peptides Youth Serum is formulated with 3 rare plant extracts that deliver excellent reparative properties for firmer, and tighter skin. The formula includes PhytoCellTec™ nunatak® from Swiss, Alpsgentiana venusta extract from the Himalayas, and red algae from France.
    This powerful serum provides 8 major anti-aging benefits for the skin.
    Visibly removes fine lines, improve elasticity, refines texture, hydrates, smooths skin, boosts radiance, even skin tone, strengthens barrier.
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    All you need for CNY aka how to NOT get called auntie anymore

    All you need for CNY aka how to NOT get called auntie anymore

    ... With DR WU...

    Counting down to less than 2 weeks to the long-waited Chinese New Year. How do you feel about this festive season?

    Let's ring in the new year of Ox with a freshen look to help you huat in the new year and also look good in your yearly family photos. 

    Here are some of our recommendations to get you glowy and ready for the new year! Psst, and perhaps you wouldn't get called auntie too much. 

    1. Intensive Hydrating Essence Toner With Hyaluronic Acid 150ml, $49.90

    DR WU hydrating essence toner

    Our essence-like toner that keeps your skin hydrated all day long! Even when you take photos under the hot sun, your skin will still look moisturised and 'biong~biong~'

    2. Intensive Hydrating Gel With Hyaluronic Acid 30ml, $64.90

    dr wu singapore hydrating moisturizing cream gel

    The 3-in-1 moisturizer, makeup primer and overnight mask! Multi-purpose product that provides an extra boost of hydration for your dry and tired-looking skin. Your makeup will also stay better and longer when your skin is hydrated. 

     3. Glutalight Intensive Whitening Serum 15ml, $49.90

    dr wu singapore glutalight whitening brightening serum for dark spots

    Our Glutalight whitening serum is just the thing to help you even out your complexion and give you the radiant skin that shines. For concerns with pigmentation and dark spots, do not miss out! 

    4. Glutalight Intensive Whitening Mask (3pcs), $44.90

    dr wu whitening mask glutalight radiant skin

    One sheet of Glutalight Whitening mask can help to improve skin dullness and boost radiance from within! Apply this overnight and feel the dewy glow the next morning. 

    5. Daily Renewal Serum With Mandelic Acid 15ml/Intensive Renewal Serum With Mandelic Acid 15ml, $54.90

    dr wu singapore mandelic renewal serum dr wu singapore mandelic renewal serum

    Wearing masks have made the skin more sensitive and there are concerns with the appearance of mask-ne. With DR WU Mandelic Renewal Serums, they aim to tackle 5 major pore problems including: minimise enlarged pore, reduce blackheads and whiteheads, and reduce acne and acne scars. 
    Comes with Intensive and Daily version depending on your skin condition! 

    6. Mandelik Daily Renewal Body Lotion 150ml, $54.90

    dr wu mandelic body lotion

    Our daily renewal body lotion aims to reduce your back-acnes so you can wear pretty sleeveless dresses for CNY! With the 2% mandelic acid and 2% salicylic acid compound formula, it stimulates skin metabolism to purify pores and improve rough and dull skin. 

    7. Ageversal Advanced Repairing Eye Cream 15ml, $89.90

    dr wu advanced repairing eye cream

    A new revamp to the ageversal repairing line, our eye cream tackles puffiness in your undereyes, lighten dark eye circles and smooth fine lines. Giving you vibrant and 'sparkly' eyes that complement your eye makeup.

    8. Vitamin Capsule Masks (A B C), $22.90

     dr wu vitamin a b c mask

    Our capsule masks are infused with the vitamin essences to give your skin a glowly, hydrated and more radiant complexion! 


    Here are our top 8 recommendations for a radiant skin this CNY. Order now from our website or visit your nearest watsons to get them! 

    We are also on Shopee and Watsons Online
    (click on these links to direct you to main pages)

    Happy CNY WU-FAM!
    * Spend over $68 for an additional 10% off your purchase! Simply key in HUAT10 upon checkout to redeem*

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    Top 5 Best Sellers!

    Top 5 Best Selling Products! All Time Favourites!


    "No.1 Best-Selling Hydrating Serum"

    Our best selling hydrating serum is formulated with the Japanese Patented Hyalucomplex, which can instantly hydrate your skin with long-lasting moisture. 

    The Intensive Hydrating Serum is highly recognised by countless celebrities and beauty experts, and affirmed by millions of customers. 

    This is our must-have for Singapore's hot humid weather! 

    Click here for more!! 

    "Sold 1 Bottle Every 15 Seconds"

    The Intensive Renewal Serum is Dr Wu's solution to have a chemical peeling treatment in the comfort of your own home! 

    With the signature 18% Golden Concentration Acid Ratio, it is optimal for boosting skin renewal metabolism, reducing pore size and removing blackheads!


    Click here for more!!

    " Key to Youthful Skin Renewal"

    The Intensive Repairing Serum is formulated with the latest anti-aging technologies to combat lines and wrinkles for mature skin. 

    With the addition of the Squalane Extract , it makes for a light-weight and nourishing serum that can restore your skin barrier and tightness in your skin!


    Click here for more!!


     "Radiance Booster in 7 Days!" 

    Dr Wu Glutalight Intensive Whitening Collection is the first skincare line to incorporate Glutathione in whitening products, a component that is used in Whitening Aesthetic Injection Treatments. 

    With Glutathione and other essential extracts, you can achieve brighter skin in 7 days and 23% reduced melanin in 28 days!

     Click here for more!!

    "Customers' Favourite Hydrating Toner"

    The Intensive Hydrating Essence Toner forms a clean base for your subsequent skin regime. Gentle for skin and keeps your skin soft and hydrated for the entire day!

    This star product has received positive feedback and satisfaction from customers for the hydrating properties. 

    Click here for more!!








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    Dr Wu Media Launch with Cforcassan

    Dr Wu Media Launch with Cforcassan

    Read what went on at the Dr Wu media Launch with Blogger Cassandra also known as cforcassan on her blog! 

    Thank you for the beautiful write-up! We hope you enjoyed the trip too!

    Best new beauty products to try

    Best new beauty products to try

    Need reviews to find out what is worth it and what's not? Our best selling product, Daily Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid is definitely worth the hype! Read all about it on Timeout Singapore!



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